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A Walk to Remember

Remove From Cart. Duration: 8 hours 43 minutes. Similar Titles. This title is due for release on August 12, Please Log in and add this title to your wishlist. We will send you an email as soon as this title is available. Join the Conversation. The Walk was originally published in , and a revised version, from which this current translation is worked from, was published in a collection, only nine years before Walser was first committed to a sanitarium for the first time.

But what about The Walk itself?

The Walk Series

What is it about? What happens in it?

Well, nothing really. There are encounters: with a tailor, a giant named Tomzack, a tax collector, and others.

Things do happen: our narrator walks into a bookstore and refuses to buy a bestseller; he catches a tax break; and he reminisces about a lost love. But all of these events unfold with a certain amount of meaninglessness, a certain amount of lightness. The narrative itself is elliptical, bound at beginning and end by two similar images of lost love.

We begin with:. One morning, as the desire to take a walk came over me, I put my hat on my head, left my writing room, or room of phantoms, and ran down the stairs to hurry out into the street. On the stairs I encountered a woman who looked like a Spaniard, a Peruvian, or a Creole, and presented to the eye a certain pallid, faded majesty. As I asked mankind to forgive me, still lying there deep in thought, that girl fresh with youth came once more to mind with her so childish, pretty mouth and enchanting cheeks. Vividly I imagined how bewitched I was by her bodily form with its melodious sweetness, but how when I had asked her not long ago whether she believed I was sincerely devoted to her, in her doubt and disbelief her lovely eyes looked away, and she had said No.


The Walk-In: A Novel

The walk becomes the beginning, if not the source itself, of thinking and creation. We should not discount the importance of what walking implies in terms of the philosophical tradition. It also brings to mind, apocryphal or not, the story that the poet Wallace Stevens, who never learned how to drive, composed many of his poems while walking to and from work. Without walking, I would be dead, and would have long since been forced to abandon my profession, which I love passionately. Also, without walking and gathering reports, I would not be able to render the tiniest report, nor to produce an essay, let alone a story.

A Walk in the Woods: Rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail by Bill Bryson

Without walking, I would be able to collect neither observations nor studies. Walking, paradoxically, both makes and unmakes the narrator of The Walk.

1. A Letter to Henrietta Lund from Søren Kierkegaard

Again, it is the intrusion of dark thoughts that he tries to fend off. At the very end of the narrative, we are given hints as to what these thoughts are truly about:. As I asked mankind to forgive me, still lying there deep in thought, that girl fresh with youth came once more to mind with her so childish, pretty mouth and enchanting cheeks … Circumstances had prompted her to travel, and with this she was lost to me.

Yet I would probably have been able to convince her that I mean well with her. I should have told her, while there was still time, that my feelings were utterly honest. All your concerns are as important to me as my own. For many dear, beautiful reasons I wish to make you happy. But we are left to guess who this girl is. We simply know that she has been lost forever; perhaps this wound is the ghostly motor that sets our narrator on his frequent jaunts. And this is why, in my estimation, Walser is so intensely interested in the discourse of power as well, for with power and sovereignty comes not only control of the self but also a self to speak of.

Here is a description of one such person:.

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