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Elsewhere,'' where the living is undoubtedly easier.


Programming marches on. But this is still television, the land of syndication and packaging, the land that exists within its own time warp of eternal reruns. Tonight at 9, the revived production is entitled ''The Hemingway Play. The writer in this case is Frederic Hunter, described in his biography as the holder of a master's degree in African studies from U. Listing Ernest Hemingway as one of the primary influences on his writing, Mr. Hunter wrote this play, we are told, to explore his own fascination with the contradictions in Hemingway's character, especially ''the divergence between his true private nature and the myth he created for the world to see.

Hunter gives us four Hemingways, each representing the Great Man at different stages of his life: the young, idealistic Wemedge Tim Matheson , a war correspondent still limping from a battle wound; the ish Hem Perry King , on the edge of fame, divorce and perpetual bravado; the middle-aged Ernest Mitchell Ryan , the Nobel Prize winner and drunk, deserted by most of his friends, and the elderly Papa Alexander Scourby , bitter, paranoid and obsessed with death.

They confront one another in a Spanish restaurant, a hangout for bullfighters that still offers the best view of Madrid. As each Hemingway circles the other, suspiciously, scornfully, sometimes tenderly, Mr. Hunter weaves in his pertinent details: the ''cold'' mother and the father who committed suicide; the wives and lovers; the enormous successes and the persistent doubts, perhaps best distilled in the story ''The Snows of Kilimanjaro,'' about a man who wanted to write truth and failed.

While celebrating Hemingway, the play, directed efficiently by Don Taylor, portrays failure. Hem is shedding the woman he loves for a woman who loves him.

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Ernest has taken to writing for magazines in order to support his expansive life style. And poor Papa is returning home, broken, to perform the ritual of his own suicide. Only Wemedge, the ''Kid,'' is left with hope, and we all know how that will turn out. He also helped edit Hemingway's bullfighting classic "The Dangerous Summer. The two became best friends and neighbors and started the "Newman's Own'' food company together.

But that's another story.

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He tried maybe 10 times over the years to adapt it, starting drafts only to scrap them, until his latest effort. To help reel the project in, he enlisted his son Tim Hotchner to collaborate on it and help transform his draft into what will run in Pittsburgh through Feb. Tim Hotchner also saw the project as a way to re-examine the work with a modern lens: to look at what it means to be a man in the world and to look at the environment. To make "The Old Man and the Sea'' accessible on stage, the Hotchners crafted a kaleidoscope of the tale, and mined the text for a new approach.

The boy has a bigger role, and Hemingway himself is a character, as is a cellist who evokes the moods of the play throughout. Cellist Simon Cummings will perform original music for the show. The play is being directed by Ronald Allan-Lindblom.

The Hotchners' agent passed along the script to Joe Christopher, who heads up RWS's theatrical division, who took it with him on vacation in June. The Pittsburgh Playhouse was looking for a new work to launch its first season in its renovated theater and Stana, an alumna of Point Park University, floated the idea to the school.

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The production is unique in that students at Point Park University are working on the show alongside professionals in all aspects from set design to ticket sales. It's something Stana sees as a circular moment - youth helping bring to life the work of a centenarian playwright. At , A. Hotchner is sharp, funny and surprisingly energetic. During a four-hour interview at his home, he needed only a minute break to get a glass of water. Last year, his Depression-era detective novel "The Amazing Adventures of Aaron Broom'' was published and he's still writing daily.

His routine: breakfast, write, lunch, write, nightly news, dinner, gin and tonic, and maybe a movie. As for "The Old Man and the Sea,'' he's satisfied with having finally followed through on a half-century-old promise to his friend, and he's pleased with how it turned out. Open main navigation Live TV.

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