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Performing Calculations with the Interval Datatypes. Converting from One Datatype to Another.

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Aggregate Functions, Group By, and Having. Aggregate Functions. The Two-Table Join. Joining Three or More Tables. Simple Subqueries. Correlated Subqueries. Inline Views and Scalar Subquery Expressions. Set Operators. Complex Joins. Outer Joins. Insert, Update, and Delete.

Creating Data and Transaction Control. Updating and Deleting Data.

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Create, Alter, and Drop Tables. Creating and Dropping Tables. Altering Tables and Manipulating Constraints. Views, Indexes, and Sequences. Creating and Modifying Views. The Oracle Data Dictionary Views. Users, Privileges, Roles, and Synonyms. Regular Expressions and Hierarchical Queries. Regular Expressions. Hierarchical Queries. Exploring Data Warehousing Features.

The Web site provides many other features, such as additional quiz questions and periodically updated information about the book. Tip - Visit the companion Web site and download the required files before starting the labs and exercises.

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To follow along with this book, you can use either the Standard Edition or Enterprise Edition. The Enterprise Edition of Oracle version If you have a previous version of the Oracle database, you will be able to complete a large majority of the exercises; however, some syntax options and features are available only in Oracle 11g. Both software tools are included with the Oracle database and are part of the default installation. SQL Developer is easier to use and offers a superior display of results. Although there may be significant changes in future versions, it would be a grave omission not to cover SQL Developer.

This tool sets the future product direction and has many useful features to improve your productivity and enhance your SQL knowledge and skill set.


Oracle PL/SQL by Example

This book is not intended as a comprehensive SQL Developer book. Rather, the focus is SQL.

Therefore, you need to understand the basics of the tool within the context of SQL. The purpose of this book is not to describe and point out every menu option but to teach you the SQL language. SQL Developer is a productivity tool that makes you a more efficient and proficient user of the language. You still need to know and understand your actions, and the tools can eliminate some basic mistakes and alleviate some frustrations for a beginning user.

Therefore, you will gain some basic knowledge of this tool as part of the exercises in this book. You can choose to perform most of the exercises in either tool, depending on your preference. Throughout this book, you access data from a sample schema called STUDENT, which contains information about a computer education program. The schema was designed to record data about instructors, courses, students, and their respective enrollments and grades.

After you download the installation files to create the schema within your Oracle database, you will be able to follow the exercises in the book. Several conventions used in this book help make your learning experience easier. These are explained here. Note - This icon denotes advice and useful information about a particular topic or concept. Warning - Warnings are provided to warn you about any potential issues regarding the safety of your database or to save you headaches in the long run. I have made every effort to make sure there are no errors in the text and code.

However, to err is human. If you find an error that has not been reported, please let me know by contacting me at ar yahoo. You comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Textbooks.

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